6-Month SEO Strategy

Research Stage

We will analyze the client’s website, studying how Google and other search engine crawlers would perceive it. We will also compare possible keyword phrases, leveraging competitiveness (popular search phrases) with the ability to get that phrase to the first page of Google.

Restructuring the Site

Restructuring the page through title tags, heading tags, image tags, internal links, load speed, site responsiveness, meta descriptions.

Improving website content

The website need to have a considerable amount of quality content.

SEO Backlinks

. The people behind SEOSQA are dedicated to delivering high-quality links. Every website we work with is properly assessed and all content is reviewed by our talented SEO team.

After All That, Here’s What May Got

After applying our SEO plan, you be able to achieve:

First page rankings from the targeted predecided keywords and growth of almost 300%.

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