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SEOSQA is a leading ecommerce website management service, In the last 6 years, we’ve operated and managed over 350 ecommerce stores for our clients. We can develop and manage ecommerce websites that convert from day one thanks to our expertise ecommerce user experience design, SEO, PPC, eCommerce platforms (opencart, shopify, woocommerce, bigcommerce, magento), and digital marketing. When you add in our round-the-clock service, you’ve got a shop that’s optimized to sell and keep selling.

Ecommerce management service means we will relieve you of the burden of managing your website, allowing you to concentrate on the more critical aspects of your company, such as moving it forward and expanding on its success. Managed eCommerce ensures that for a small fee, you will have the burden of updating and maintaining your website taken away from you and managed by our ecommerce professionals. Hiring our ecommerce management service is a cost-effective way to expand the e-commerce business quickly!

Ecommerce Website Managment

eCommerce is the fastest-growing segment of the retail industry, with brands and online startups vying for a piece of the digital gold rush. Although eCommerce offers tremendous growth potential, it necessitates different human resources and infrastructure than conventional brick-and-mortar or wholesale businesses. Working with a full-service eCommerce management company like SEOSQA relieves your company of the burden of finding, recruiting, and hiring the talent required to run a successful ecommerce business. Instead, brands can easily rent their ecommerce business to us by partnering with us. Our ecommerce team is ready to help you with data entry, design, store development, and backend support. To ensure the best outcomes, we only begin the processes after thoroughly understanding your company and requirements.

To grow your ecommerce company, you can outsource a variety of tasks. You will have more time to concentrate on the heart of your company when you outsource, and at a lower rate! It is less costly to outsource than to hire in-house staff. By hiring ecommerce website managment service, You won’t have to spend money on training and onboarding, and you won’t have to pay any mandatory employee premiums. Outsourcing ecommerce website management also enables you to grow your workforce without having to invest in new equipment or office space.

Keep up with the latest design trends, customize a responsive theme, incorporate 3rd party services and plugins, update your hosting, and speed up your website – it’s all done and handled conveniently from one location by your new global managed team, which includes Sr. Content Writers, Sr. Backend Developers, Expert Frontend Developers, Creative Designers, Social Media Manager, SEOs, Project Managers, and Data Entry Experts. A remote eCommerce management team has its own set of advantages, especially for online businesses. If you can ask your customers to put their confidence in you to get the job done digitally, you should be able to ask your workers to do the same.

World-Class Ecommerce Management Team

Sr. Customer Service Representative

Responding to questions received via email, following up with customers to ensure they received their goods and were satisfied, and collaborating with the social media manager to respond to questions and comments received via social media channels. Our resources are competent communicator with excellent writing skills and a keen eye for detail. They are polite, empathetic, and eager to communicate with a variety of customers.

Social Media / Community Manager

Keeping an eye on social media pages for feedback (both good and bad from customers). Our resources tracking down discussions about your products or business on social media, even if they aren’t taking place on your sites. Social media manager will also keep your social media pages updated with new creative posts and news.

Front-End Web Developer 

Front-end developers are responsible for the planning, design, developing ecommerce UI. Our frontend developers are fluent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as AngularJS, and are enthusiastic about user interface, code, and technology. Frontend developers ensuring that consumers have a good experience when they visit your website, connect with any of your product pages, or purchase a product from your shop.

Content Marketing Specialist

Producing useful, rich, and educational content for ecommerce stores and blog. Your content marketing expert may also be able to assist you with designing and launching consumer email campaigns. Finally, ecommerce content writing specialists will be in charge of establishing the voice and style that the rest of the team will use when communicating with customers. Our writers are well-organized, a good writer and communicator, and knowledgeable about creative content writing, content management, and content marketing.

Brand Manager / Designer 

Ensuring graphic designs and initiatives adhere to brand guidelines and standards. We frequently collaborates with the rest of the team to develop exclusive graphics that can be used to engage or communicate with customers. Brand managers are artistic, innovative, and capable of managing multiple projects.

Technical Product Expert 

If your products necessitate a lot of professional education or assistance, you should have a product specialist on staff who can assist customers when they need it. The individual in this role should be an excellent communicator and writer who is well-versed in your goods.

Data Analyst 

Gathering, reviewing, and presenting information about your customers. When you want to learn more about your clients or when you want to use data to test new ideas, you can use them. Our staff has good background in analytics and business intelligence.

End to End Ecommerce Management


You can’t just create things that you think people need and want if you want to survive the next five years in ecommerce. To succeed, you must now concentrate on delighting customers, achieving expectations, solving problems, being a proactive listener, and better knowing your customers than you ever did before. Therefore hiring ecommerce management company has lot of advantages. You must put money into the customer experience. Customer experience in ecommerce refers to the experiences you have with and build for customers who connect online with your company, staff, goods, and shop. When it comes to online selling, building meaningful consumer interactions is crucial. It’s what sets you apart from the competition, gets people talking about your brand and goods, and eventually helps you sell more and expand faster.

Managing a thriving eCommerce company necessitates a thorough understanding of both the website and its underlying infrastructure, as well as an expert team to handle all aspects of the business. From advertising banners to database optimization and collaboration with your hosting provider, SEOSQA can be a dependable partner that can relieve your team of the workload and give you more time.

We have ongoing store management, as well as full-service marketplace optimization, to increase sales conversion, improve the customer experience, and increase revenue. Clients can choose from a variety of resources, including ecommerce data entry, website minor fixes, content writing, digital marketing, to name a few.

Catalog Management: Product matching, competitor price tracking, product summary writing, bulk product upload, product data entry, photo editing, and other activities are all performed by our catalogue management team. Furthermore, a Project Manager will communicate with you on a regular basis, taking feedback from you to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

E-Commerce Marketing: Our highly qualified ecommerce marketing team can effectively manage and handle SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content writing, content marketing, product feed management, press release marketing, review writing, link building, keyword analysis, video optimization, forum posting, and other marketing activities. We also use a variety of marketing tools to boost your eCommerce store’s online rankings and traffic.

Back Office Support: When you recruit us, you’ll get a wide range of end-to-end resources, including inventory management, live chat support, email support, and more. We aspire to follow the highest standards and do all we can to meet or exceed your requirements.

Customer service is an important part of any good online storefront, whether it’s answering live chat, responding to support tickets via email, or taking phone calls. And it’s something that the ecommerce team would simply have to employ in order to scale.

Highly Competent Resources, Easy & Direct Communication with Team, Flexible Operation Timings, Daily or Weekly Project Updates, Fixed Monthly Prices, and more are all advantages of the e-Commerce offshore dedicated team model.

It is very simple to begin working with us because you provide us with all of the specifics of your requirements, and our team works on your project with 100 percent dedication using their expertise and skill sets from their remote location.

Do you want to quickly expand your e-commerce business? We will assist you in accelerating this growth by allowing you to delegate several time-consuming tasks from your shop, marketplace, or digital marketing channels to our highly trained e-commerce assistants. Before making a hire, you must have clear expectations of what you want our ecommerce experts to do!

 Ecommerce Management Team


SEOSQA is made up of a group of highly qualified and seasoned ecommerce website designers, ecommerce developers, ecommerce managers, and ecommerce content writers who always put their best foot forward when it comes to carrying out any design or development task at hand so that consumers can get visually attractive and technologically rich ecommerce websites that will help them establish a brand identity and, as a result, more business.

Flexible hiring model


We understand that each project has its own set of requirements. We deliver a variety of interaction models to efficiently fulfil those demands. There’s no need to train, equip, interview resources and select. A team can begins work the next day and does not stop until the job is completed. You can changes resources if you are not happy with the quality of the service offered.

Higher Satisfaction


We are strong believers in maintaining a positive working relationship with our customers and partners. Our team have completed a number of projects with a high level of customer satisfaction. As a result of this, we have amassed an impressive clientele worldwide. Our team does not make any compromises when it comes to efficiency and work quality.

Transparent communication


If you hire other companies, you would not have the opportunity to speak directly with the team. Your specifications will be communicated to the team by a project manager. Hiring our team would allow you to communicate directly with the person who is actually creating something for you. You can coordinate your workflow to increase productivity.

Why us

SEOSQA offers committed website management staff to our customers. We put together an offshore team who match your exact website management needs. From the SEOSQA Offshore Development Center in Lahore, this team becomes your remote-based workers, working for you. We manage your resources for you to ensure maximum productivity. During your business hours, the team will be available according to your shift requirements.

Remember that you need to recruit smart people to help your ecommerce company grow. Your business can grow to 7, 8, and 9 figure revenue range. To scale to that level, you’ll need a team you can count on to handle all of your ecommerc website operations. You can hire our team to manage your ecommerce business’s operations.