We have worked hard to assemble the best team of like-minded individuals who are curious, who work for excellence, who delivers results to clients, and feel proud of the achievement. We believe in “do what you like, Like what you do”. Over the years, we’ve learned that enlightening people is no longer enough. Consumers today expect to participate, be involved, be a part of the experience, and ultimately feel like it is their own. As a result, each of our marketer know how art of digital experience marketing!

Muhammad Farhan
Muhammad Farhan
Founder & Managing Director of SEO

Farhan is the founder of SEOSQA, a well-known website management and digital marketing company. The organisation focuses on Search Engine Marketing (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing), Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn), and Internet Strategy Planning to help major brands and medium-sized businesses take advantage of the digital economy. His management style promotes cultures that are entrepreneurial, customer-centric, and team-oriented. Integrity, a strong work ethic, open and honest communication, and a desire to succeed are all personal values.

Kinza Q
Kinza Q

Kinza is passionate about human rights and animal welfare and enjoys travelling, writing, and reading. Courage, compassion, loyalty, and a sense of humor are the traits she looks for in others. She looks for two goats, two cats, one parrot, five hens, and a partridge on a pear tree as a surrogate mother. She is enthusiastic in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, as well as how social media influences on us. The world is rapidly changing. Traditional media is gradually being replaced by social media.

Frank Roberts
Frank Roberts
Senior SEO Management Consultant & Trainer

Frank Roberts is an executive coach, trainer, and management consultant. On strategy, change management, transformations, and organisational development, our agency SEOSQA works with some notable companies. Frank has been assisting clients in achieving their objectives for over 7 years. His area of expertise is organisational dynamics, and he has produced research and papers on organisational strategy, structure, culture, and power. The interaction of these factors fascinates me since they exist in all organisations, large and small, and in commercial commerce.

Zainab Khan
Zainab Khan
Creative Content Writer & Social Media Manager

Zainab is a competent Social Media Manager with a track record of integrating social media into company cultures. She is in charge of establishing SEOSQA's social media strategy. She helps businesses in developing their online brands, from blog and feature writing to crowd-drawing social media campaigns. She has worked with a wide range of companies, from huge event management corporations to tiny local businesses. Zainab's enthusiasm and "outside-the-box" approach to efficiently implementing Social Media plans distinguishes her as a highly trained and sought-after social media management consultant.

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